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This Chair is Not Truly Empty

This Chair is Not Truly Empty

*Intensity In Ten Cities* – Chiodos

“the more people i meet, the more lonely i become.” – I got this off the blog of an acquaintance of mine that goes by the name of Maddi Williams. Her blogs are definitely very inspirational/inspiring to me. Her ability to use simple words and get you thinking deeply is remarkable. However, I’m certain she does not remember me or even knows that someone named Joy Geisinger is even her friend on myspace.


Back to Blog.

That one sentence got me thinking, and I decided to elaborate on her thought.

How could you possibly feel lonelier when you meet more people?

Does a person’s inability to bring you true comfort or show you true love, leave the definition of “feeling alone” undefeated?

For me, yes.

This world really has lost all its glory.

God created Eve for Adam so that he would not feel lonely.

However, these people we come across are unable to console us, or show us undying affection or “love.”

I am alone.

I am truly alone.

They have the capability of only comforting you at a certain level. When you require uplifting beyond that, I am afraid, God is your sole answer.

But a Hopeful answer all the same.

No one can bring you more hope than hope itself.

Otherwise, no matter how many faces you come across…

You will ALWAYS be ALONE.

Now looking at “love.”

Your boyfriend/Girlfriend, parent, sibling, cousin, best friend, grandparent can show you a ton of love. However, we are not perfect and we do make mistakes, so we will disappoint you.

Then, to whom will you turn to?

We will let you down.

We will fail you.

No matter how many of us you meet.

But look Up.



Envision The Horizon

You are Not alone.



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