Faith means leaving your eyes behind…

Deliver Me From My Troubles

"And Just Keep Looking Up."

"And Just Keep Looking Up."

*Breathe* – Anberlin

Everyone, no matter who they are, will face a time in their lives where they feel like nothing could possible get worse, and if things did, they would probably die.

Once Upon A Time… She sat pondering for hours on what reason he could possible have come up with to reject her. Quite a cold, November morning, as she sat staring out of her boring, old window that revealed a rather dull, white wall. Most of the paint was pealing on it, and there were quite a few cracks. On that wall, her mind played the happenings of the past few months. A single tear slid down her cheek, ignoring it, she continued to look on. No one was at home for a change, nothing stirred, except the sounds of cars and such rushing on the road behind her house. Her hand searched blindly for something to occupy itself with. She found a pen and fiddled with it. This was not the first time she had considered making sense of the last six months of her life, but she hoped, just as before, that she may unearth the answer that day.

“This wouldn’t happen to anyone else…” she muttered to herself, “Only me.”

After what seemed like ages, she continued, still talking to herself, “What did I do? I just felt like I deserved to have a love life too… but people like me don’t get these things… we hold out our hearts in our hands, and it’s grabbed, thrown on the floor, stamped on, ripped apart, and then handed back. Our most precious possession… equal to dirt!”

She sunk slowly, deep into her chair and closed her eyes. After a few moments of an expressionless face, she opened them and reached for a notebook. In that notebook, she wrote lyrics to a song.

… The End.

I know that girl. [: This story is an accurate account of reality, last November.

She is fine now. You would not know half of what has happened to her through this story, but this is what upset her for those six months. The Next day she went to watch an Australian Team that had come, do a sort of Early Christmas show and worship. Next day she would fly out of the country for vacation. That night, after the show, as she packed, she finally let go of what was troubling her. She finally learned to accept that life had other plans. She changed forever. It was all over and it never bothered her again. The same boy is now a very good friend of hers. All is well. However, it did take her six months.

When she talks about it now, she says she did not think she would make it out of that mess. Today, she is far away from it. God filled up the empty parts of her heart. She smiles all the time now. x]

I just want you to be hopeful.

I want you to know that, you could be going through the hardest time in your life, but if you would just realize that the light is just about to reveal itself, you would be so happy and hopeful.

“You can only come to the morning through the shadows.” ~J.R.R. Tolkien

When you look back, you will probably smile at how miniscule the problem was and how difficult it was for you to overcome it. With that in mind, whatever is troubling you now, God will help you through it. You WILL see sunshine again. Be patient, and persevering.

Psalm 34:17
“The righteous cry out, and the LORD hears them; he delivers them from all their troubles.”



Envision That Horizon.

Get Ready For Sunlight.


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