Faith means leaving your eyes behind…

Posts From Old Blog #2: I Need Answers!

*I Don’t Know A Thing* – Lucy Schwartz

“When it all comes down to it…
What’s the use in knowing all the answers.”

– *I Don’t Know A Thing* – Lucy Schwartz

haha yes this is definitely my new favorite song.

And the lines above ^ are something you should think about.

It points upwards [: The answer to all your problems.What is one question we often ask ourselves when something difficult happens?

“Why is this happening?” (no, duh)

Well rest assured, there is a reason; and if you stand strong, you will have gained something by the end of it. Though, if you cannot see the good it has done then perhaps the miracle was silent and you will benefit from it when you are older.

Yet knowing this, we still manage to ask that question approximately fifteen more times.

Have you ever thought that, perhaps, you are not supposed to know why you are going through a tough time; and that possibly, if you knew the reason, you would not learn as much from it?

Have Faith, please.

“It’s not faith if, if you use your eyes

If you use your eyes

If you use your eyes” – *Miracle* – Paramore

Now what is the point of having faith, and trusting that you will acquire some experience from this? Well, it will help you feel stronger. Also, because life brings storms more than once, you will be ready for the next one. You will not be as fearful.

Why does life bring more storms? Well, that is a completely different matter and it often has to do with the choices we make.

But for now… trust; have faith, it will pay off. There is a reason for your trouble.

When the time comes for you to shine, you will be thankful for this experience.

Be hopeful, not knowing all the answers can be very good for you, because, you just may not be ready to know them.

I suppose this blog was written for a friend of mine that just lost his very good friend in a car accident.

Not every question ‘needs’ to be or ‘should’ be answered.



Envision The Horizon.

Have Faith.

Hebrews 11:1

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

Give up your need to know answers for the Greatest Answer… Faith.

MONDAY, JULY 20, 2009


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