Faith means leaving your eyes behind…

Posts From Old Blog #5: Out To A Tall Lighthouse

*Meant To Live* – Switchfoot

I was somewhat bored and upset at something so I decided to do some writing. [:

Here are some random thoughts of mine put together to form some poor form of Free Verse Poetry.

Where are you going?

Where are you going?

Out To A Tall Lighthouse

Ah, take the empty seat next to me,

I’ve been thinking long, looking at the sea,

Could you etch me a silent silhouette of the fire in a specific individuals heartbeat?


Last night I never met the glowing light hung on the balcony of the high city storehouse.

Such a light that would draw crowds of moths from every part of the world.

It had been left on ten years ago.

Without any true visitors it grew lonely,

Yet it’s light never grew dimmer.

No, it breathed with a consistent glow of radiant light.

It found friendship among it’s winged companions,

It’s dull mute acquaintances brought warmth in for their attractive friend.

As I thought deeply of this affair,

My gaze shifted further out to a tall lighthouse,

How majestically it stood,

Shining its powerful beam out into the waters,

It was lonelier than the lamp hanging on the balcony,

Yet it never disappointed the fishermen,

It never let them down,

It knew what it was made to do,

And that if it were anywhere else it would be miserable.

I suppose my aim in this piece,

Is to remind you,

That your purpose has been defined,

Yet we repel our life’s design.

With no true resolve,

Ignoring motivation, determination,

Forgetting our commitment,

We walk away.

I am of the firm belief that:

No matter how hopeless and foolish our task seems,

No matter if it reaps no results,

No matter how much tolerance is asked of us,

No matter how many storms are headed our way,

No matter how much fear clouds our minds,

No matter how patient we must remain…

We must do as we are asked,

We must shine our lights,

Because without it we are empty,

Because it is what we were meant to do,

And because someone, somewhere is watching you.

© Joy Geisinger 2008

Think upon all this.



Envision The Horizon.

Fulfill Your Purpose.

FRIDAY, JULY 31, 2009


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