Faith means leaving your eyes behind…

Wait For Me

“I love you always and forever…”
The minute those words fell from his lips, she knew it was a lie. Still, who turns from such sweet deception? There, she made her fatal mistake. Not looking back even once, she followed the young man with dreamy eyes, and ventured out into the unknown. Or was it the unknown?

Deep down inside, everyone knows what they are walking into. Yet, it is up to you to wisely turn around, and stay on the path to life, or take one wrong turn and cause yourself unnecessary misery.

A boy that is not willing to wait for you, does not really love you.

Such impatience is in no way, true love. No matter how many sweet words he uses, no matter what he tells you, you tell him to wait.

You have been given a gift, you do not need to waste it on useless, heartless, oafs. Wait for the prince who will sweep you off your feet and really love you forever. Patience is an enormous part of love. If you cannot wait, then you do not really love.

Time is a very good test. Distance is even better.




Envision That Horizon

“True Love is not based on feelings.”


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