Faith means leaving your eyes behind…

“Aye, that is a kiss. A powerful thing.”

[: *Fairy Dance* - James Isaac NewtonBoys Like Girls – *Two Is Better Than One*

“There, hidden in the right-hand corner, is that a kiss?”
“A kiss?”
“Like Mother’s kiss.”
“A hidden kiss.”
“But what is it for?”
“It is for the greatest adventure of all. They that find it… have slipped in and out of heaven.”
“Find what?”
“The one the kiss belongs to.” – Peter Pan

Don’t take your kisses lightly, it is one of the most beautiful things you possess. Do not waste it on fools who cannot comprehend its worth. [:

Still waiting for mine.

You may think, “It’s just a kiss, doesn’t mean anything.” Just shows how foolish you really are.

“Wendy: This belongs to you and always will…
John: That was no thimble…
Michael: That was a hidden kiss.”



Envision That Horizon

Your Kisses Are Precious


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