Faith means leaving your eyes behind…



God has been reminding me this past week many times about being ready when the time comes for me to share His love with others. He challenges us to acknowledge Him when the time comes. Would you say no, and keep your reputation among your friends, or would you say yes, and risk losing friends in this quest for Jesus?

All of us will face this situation one day, may it be tomorrow, or in ten years. Your friend at work may ask, “So what do you do on Friday nights?”. Your heart starts racing and you deliberate in your mind if you’ll say you go to youth and invite her to come along, or you’ll say you do nothing and regret it moments later. God has equipped every single one of us for such moments, and He might just pick you at a time to share His heart to a person who desperately needs Him. Will you be ready when He does?

God Bless,



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