Faith means leaving your eyes behind…


*Dance With Me* ~ Jesus Culture

On her face sat a frown turned upside down.
A Painted smile.
None that saw her would suspect a thing.
None that met her could guess.

An ache.
A terrible ache.
It is the dying of beauty.
It is the fading of glory.
It is the diminishing of light.
It is a dark that makes darkness look wrong.
It is shadow in of shadow.
It is silence within silence.
It is a bottomless pit.
It is a gap in the sky.
It is a hole within emptiness.
It is blackness.
It is nothingness.
But it is something.
And it is something enormous.
And it is far too massive for someone as little as her.
And it is a burden too heavy for her back.
And she carries it beyond the eye can see.
She carries it and it is something the eye cannot see.
And she is lost.
And she is broken.
And she is dying.

And she fell.

And He came.
And He ran to her.
And He took her burden.
And He lifted it high above the trees.
And He felt the strain on his back.
And He cried out in agony.
And He held it for three days.
And He cast it far beyond the eye can see.
And the eye cannot see it.
And He lifted her up.
And He gazed in her eyes.
And He moved a strand of her hair behind her ear lovingly.
And A tear trickled down His face.
And A tear trickled down her face.
And they cried.
And He wiped her tears away.
And He cared for her wounds.
And He dressed her in White.
And He wrapped her in Light.
And He fed her.
And He gave her clean water.
And He gave her everlasting life.

And He spoke.
“I Love You.”

And they danced beneath the beautiful sky.
And everything around them glowed.
Radiance coming not just from the sun,
But from all things.
Everything seemed to be made of light.

But she did not notice this.
All she saw, were His eyes.
All she heard were His gentles whispers,
“I Love You, I Love You, I Love You.”


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