Faith means leaving your eyes behind…

To Win

Thoughts and such:

What is a story?

A Story consists of many things.

Many stories consist of a sunset, and a sunrise.
Whether literally or symbolically.

There is a time of complete night.
And then a time where daylight breaks.
A time where the persons in the story are lost and in deep peril.
And a time when all things are set to right.


Patience is painful.
But it is asked of all.

Not only does it feel like torture.
But it can drain the life out of you.

Still, it is meant to strengthen you.

Life is either a friend or foe of patience.

Life can abuse you to such an extent, that you forget the reason you are waiting in the first place.
It can kick the real picture out of your head so you give up.
It can cause you to blame the innocent.
It can make right look wrong.
It can make wrong look right.

It can make the truth look deceptive.
It can make deception look truthful.


You can experience all this and still stand strong.
Life can help your feelings grow powerful.

Patience is a beauty.


My dad once said, “Anything that is not worth the fight, is not worth anything at all.

I’ve been accused of being clingy.
I’ve been accused of being obsessed.
I’ve been accused of being annoying.
I’ve been accused of being a pain.
I’ve been accused of destruction.

Life has put me on a roller coaster.
One day I would be hopeful.
One day I sat in despair.
One day I would stand tall.
Then next I felt so small.

It told me all sorts of things.

But I fight.

And One day, I will stand before life with my dreams in my hands and say, “You could not break me. You failed. We fought and We won.”
We will win.


One response

  1. Naomi

    I’d never thought of patience that way…um WOW.
    Nice post 🙂

    October 18, 2009 at 12:03 pm

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