Faith means leaving your eyes behind…

A Beautiful Beginning

I don’t know how it works.
It is like waking up one morning and looking out your window to see the whole world covered in a blanket of glowing, white snow.
But I am a different person.
I see the world through different eyes.

I walk about and everything I see is new.
I am not sad, I am happy, I am smiling.
As if I have never seen the things I see now. Or at least, I have not seen them the way I do now.

I do not get this feeling all the time, I get it once a year right before the year ends.
It is as if my heart knows that in a few days, I can begin again.
A fresh start.
A Beautiful Beginning.

I think this is why God made years to end.
They end, reminding you, that you have a second chance.
Hope is renewed.

Change the world this next year.
Inspire, encourage, and create.
You have a purpose, that is why you still breathe.
Change the world, one choice at a time.
Here’s another chance.

Envision That Horizon.
Here’s something for you to do [:
Spread Hope


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