Faith means leaving your eyes behind…

Hebo estel (Have Hope)

Inspired by:
I decided I would send something to the Indian newspaper. I did not know what to send, so I wrote this based off a To Write Love On Her Arms video.

Dear Reader,

This is my attempt to move you. I do not know you, but your story is important. I write this letter because I know that if I can inspire you, then I have caused the light to strengthen. If you are like me, you are a person that realizes that darkness surrounds us all. You feel it when your heart breaks. You feel it when people forget you, when you feel alone, and when difficult times engulf you. There is shadow, emptiness and fear. There is hurt and there is despair. This letter is to remind you that amidst the blackness, and amidst the sorrow, there is light, and there is hope.

There may be darkness but there is also light. Even the night seeks the addition of the light of the stars. You are a star. You were meant to shine. Why curse the dark when it simply intensifies your brightness? My words are simple, they are little, but they are strong. Words are powerful because words have wings, and can be used to touch hearts. These words have that purpose. Their purpose is to remind you, that you have a purpose. You are alive, my friend. You are meant to be hopeful.

And you know how you can be hopeful? Remember that you are not alone. You may think you are. However, you are not the only one that feels damaged. You are not the only one who feels empty. You are not the only one with questions unanswered. You are not the only one who dreams of better skies. You are not alone. We all feel the same things. Anyone who has ever lived has felt the way you do when you fall. Many of them have become great people. Many of them have changed the world. We are all people in need. We all need each other. For light to shine, I need you to be inspired. I need you. Your story is important. You can change this world.

As you go about your day, when you stumble, when you are hurt, remember that we all fall at times. What really matters is that you get back up and keep fighting. There is hope, the hope that you will change this world for good. Do not give in. You are alive and not by accident. You live to serve a purpose, and each time you fall and get back up again, you draw nearer to becoming who you were meant to be. No one has to prove to you, that pain and darkness are real. However, remember, hope and light are also real.

“Tell them to look up, tell them to remember the stars. The stars are always there but we miss them in the clouds and dirt, we miss them in the storms. Tell them to remember hope. We have hope.” ~ Renee Yohe.

Have you forgotten that there is Hope?

Envision That Horizon.
Hebo estel (Have Hope [Elvish])


One response

  1. Naomi

    *wishes she had thought of this first*
    How are you people so dang good with the written word…?
    Amazing post Joy. Again 😛 keep it up girl. 🙂

    January 6, 2010 at 12:00 pm

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