Faith means leaving your eyes behind…

Hilltops and skylines and oceans

When you lie in the gutter, there is nowhere to look but up. Its interesting, the mathematics between falling down and getting back up again. But sometimes even the sky fails us, sometimes the stars are too far away to reflect in our dull eyes. We want to walk and live screaming, but our tries keep failing. Hands feel dead, head drops to chest, eyes look blankly at a wall that returns the stare with an intensity almost unbearable. We want to believe, but somehow we have forgotten how, somewhere back there where we forgot everything else. We try so, so hard to win, but we lose. We still lose, we still fail. We still fall.

And yet, even yet, there is a reason, and we can, we must, we will keep on moving. We have to realize that hope comes through faith, however weak, in Christ. Hope comes from believing that the light at the end of the tunnel still shines, even when all we see is darkness. The bulbs in the sky will shatter to reveal a truly breathtaking sight, the heavens magnificent and endless. The black that shrinks you into yourself will be replaced with a blinding white, a light that screams and hopes and loves. Its coming, the glow of our souls.

For the horizon is closer than you know, and the happiness of lives entwined is just beyond. Don’t worry; someday color will become sound, and we will dance on a green hilltop under a blue sky, a breeze stirring, trees smiling. We will lift our eyes from the ground and awake as we hear the first strains of a melody that reminds our souls of why we are alive. We will stand on a shore and smile and taste the salt breeze as the wind and waves call, and we feel an endless ocean so much smaller than our hearts. We will follow a skyline under the stars with a song in our hearts, and we will laugh and fly and keep on trying.

So, please, hope with me. Let us brave another day for the joy of the next. The cloud covers the sun for but a moment, the dirt obscures the stars for only a day. We will wake up in a little while, and find ourselves breathing air as pure as the sky, and we know as we breathe that each moment is better than the last. The tunnel is long, the path is steep, the mask is dark. But its leaving us, and something brighter is waiting.

I’m running, stumbling, looking for a place where the sun reaches the shadows too. Will you join me?



One response

  1. Naomi

    Great post, great ending.

    January 17, 2010 at 4:06 am

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