Faith means leaving your eyes behind…

Amid Beauty

It was beautiful weather outside.
Yet, she sat inside
Believing that there was comfort for her in the dark corners.
Her guilt kept her from standing before beauty.
Her guilt made her ugly.
And ugliness never did well with beauty.
So, she watched at a distance
The trees dancing,
The birds singing,
The sky moving.

Until, the King came,
And stepped inside her room.
Because she had left the door open.
He came towards her, glowing.
He took her hand
And pulled her into Daylight.
The jerk made her bones seem to break
And her rags fell, leaving her naked.
But it felt wonderful to stand.
Her eyes burned from the sudden bright light.
Oh, her eyes, she was finally using them.

The King then set a beautiful white robe upon her.
The healing light had cleaned and softened her skin,
So she could feel the smoothness of the robe.
She was beautiful.
And the King had forgiven her.
Now, she would forgive herself.
And stand where she belonged,
Amid beauty and the King.



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