Faith means leaving your eyes behind…

Today, July 28

Today was a rough yet wonderful day.
I woke up and wanted to fall asleep.
I talked to two people with good advice and yet did little with what they said.
I cried my heart out and also found real joy.
I lost my best friend and found an even more beautiful him.
I understood her and yet she ran so fast, I could not catch up.
I knew him but knew him better after the ice-tea conversation.
I came home to anger and later gladness.

He’s back and closer to my heart.
She’s gone forever but I understand things.
He’s leaving soon but I know him better.


I’m glad today is over but I wish I could have spent more time in it.

Life is unexpected.
But I learned a valuable lesson.

A day can be filled with sadness and gladness and do not give up on people that matter.
They turn around sometimes… in different ways.

I am happy, Noorvir.
I will miss you, Aryana.
I know you better, Asad.

Unexpected but brilliant.


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