Faith means leaving your eyes behind…

Materialistic Ways

Every time I read an incredible novel (Fiction) written by a Christian author, that allows me to travel to other worlds and battles, I feel ill when I return. Today I picked up, Edge of Eternity by Randy Alcorn. I have not finished it yet but it has already made me more aware of the world, and to an extent, wiser. Anyways, my point is, when I read it, I felt sick because when I logged into my facebook and onto my Homepage, the first thing I see is a girl modeling her new outfit. It is not a bad thing, I enjoy doing it too but it irks me how her entire life revolves around how she looks, what shoes she does and does not have, what attention her boyfriend does and does not give her, and how many of her friends are gossiping about her. Oh, how evil so easily blinds us from what really matters. Oh, how easily we become a part of the materialistic world. Oh, how I wish I could show her the world beyond her appearance. How I wish I could show her who she really is… in the King.
Do you understand my exasperation? (Probably not).
Have I trailed off? (I think so).

Oh! Make sure you read Edge of Eternity it is absolutely brilliant!


One response

  1. Naomi

    I understand what you mean…if it makes you feel any better 🙂

    August 20, 2010 at 6:17 am

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