Faith means leaving your eyes behind…

Trusting Truth

I have always been a “truth seeker”. I want to know the truth and I do not really care if it’s out of the ordinary, controversial, or unaccepted. Lately my search for the truth, I feel, has been hindered. It never ceases to amaze me how far God will let me go with things like new ideas, fasts, or relationships with people of questionable character. But here is where my search is hindered: I hold myself back. I put God and his plan for me in this tiny box and fill it will all sorts of “do” and “do not” rules that the people around me follow. God is infinite (Ephesians 3:20-21, Job 9:10, Jeremiah 23:24, Revelation 22:13, Psalm 102:25-27) so why should I put him into a box of rules?

I need to stop holding myself back from blindly trusting the greatest power in the universe because, after all, God loves me, so why should I be afraid?

Peace be with you,


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