Faith means leaving your eyes behind…


The Past Outrun” title=”Best Is Yet To Come” target=

This song reminds me that no matter what bad things I let into my heart, what sin I commit, who I used to be, or what my reputation is God’s mercies are new every morning and I can leave all of my crap behind me and embrace fresh, new hope every day. It’s something He’s been saying to me a lot this year and, today, I’ve never been more happy to hear it.

Peace be with you,


Show Me by Audrey Assad

(Credit: Nina)

I Giorni ~ Ludovico Einaudi

God puts His music in some people.
When they play it out, it sounds like this.


3055 ~ Ólafur Arnalds

By Ólafur Arnalds

It’s such a beautiful song.
I feel like flying when it reaches half way through.

Thanks to Nina Belle! [:

Hometown Glory ~ Adele

“Round my hometown, memories are fresh
Round my hometown, ooh, the people I’ve met

Are the wonders of my world, are the wonders of my world
Are the wonders of this world, are the wonders of my world
Of my world, yeah, of my world, of my world, yeah.”

How To Train A Dragon – Romantic Flight

*Romantic Flight* | Jams Horner (Piano ~ Sebastian Wolff)

Very pretty. It is from the, ‘How To Train A Dragon’ soundtrack. [:
Very peaceful.